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Harpe Corps
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Harpe Corps

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Harpe Corps - avril 2010

un album de compositions "presque" solo...

quelques invités: saxophone, guitare à résonnateur et flûte baroque.


With this jewel of a CD Francois Pernel proves himself not only a brilliant young composer but also one of the best living exponents of the lever harp in the world today.

His music conjures up the shimmering heat of a summer’s day, the mysterious velvet dark of a moonlit night and all the colours and emotions in between, from wild passion to deep sorrow and back to boundless joy.

The beautiful melodies, complex harmonies, faultless rhythm and virtuosic playing make this without doubt one of the best recordings of harp music I have ever heard.

Astonishing to think that all but one of the tracks were composed and recorded within 7 months, the odd one out being a gorgeous and highly original arrangement of a piece by the 17thC Irish harper Turlough O’Carolan, who would certainly have been delighted at this treatment of his music.

This CD will not fade or go out of fashion.

It is timeless and I adore it.

Mary Macmaster


June 2010